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Accounting Services 会计服务

Accounting Services 会计服务 Accounting Services 会计服务

Accounting service 会计服务

Our bookkeeping service includes 我们的服务包括

1.    Monthly Accounting Services 月度会计服务
2.    Quarterly Accounting Services 季度会计服务
3.    Yearly Accounting Services 年度会计服务

Flat monthly fee, yearly fees, No contracts, No hidden fees.

Product of Accounting Services 会计服务产品
•    Monthly Profit & Loss / Yearly Profit & Loss 月度损益/年度损益
•    Monthly Balance Sheet / Yearly Balance Sheet 月度资产负债表/年度资产负债表
•    Cash Flow Report 现金流动报告
•    SST Report SST报告
•    AR / AP Report AR / AP 报告
•    Trial Balance 试算表
•    General Ledger 总分类帐
•    Tax Ready 税务准备

Why Good Bookkeeping is important? 为什么良好的簿记很重要?

Language of Business 商业语言
Accounting is often called the Language of Business. It is a means of communicating information about a business. After analyzing properly, the information supplied by the accounting statement. Businessman can take business decisions for future activities.

Identify Problem Early 及早发现问题
The problem relating to your business only can be identified early when your company Accounts can update and do on time. After you know your business Accounts Reports, you can quickly identify the issue.

Make Audit Job Easy 简化审计工作
If your business accounts properly done by us, your auditors will be able to finish quickly and also reduce your audit fees without complexity audit job.

Manage Your Cash Flow Properly 妥善管理您的现金流动
After Bookkeeping job is done, you have accurate information on your business income and expenses, you will make a wise decision for your business.

Reliable Report 可靠报告
Precise & accurate bookkeeping allows your business to report its financial health to your investors or banks. Make them have confidence in your business for business expansion or business capital.

Why choose us? 为何选择我们?

Our Features 我们的特色
Why so many entrepreneurs & small business owners choose Foong Management?
为何众多企业选择Foong Management?

We are a Chartered Accountant firm 我们是一家注册会计师事务所
We member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants.
Founder of FMAS is chartered Accountants. She passes ACCA Examination in year 2010 (Associate of chartered certified of Accountant UK), and obtain the membership from Malaysia Institute of Accountants.
FMAS的创始人是一名专业认证的会计师。 她于2010年通过ACCA考试 ACCA (英国特许公认会计师公会准会员),并成为马来西亚会计公会的会员。

Time 时间
There is nothing more time consuming than running a business.
Your time is valuable, and every minute contributes to the success of your business. You have more crucial things to focus on with your time other than flipping through a mountain of receipt & bills.
Let us take the bookkeeping services for you and help you save money too. As you recruit a full-time bookkeeper requires you to pay their full salary, EPF, SOCSO.
让我们为您办理记账服务,同时也帮您省钱。当你招聘一个全职的簿记员要求你支付他们的全部工资,EPF, SOCSO。

Experienced & Dedicated In House Book keeper 经验丰富并专注于内部账务管理
Every process of doing a full set of Accounts is being handled by our In House bookkeeping team along with our founder Advisor to make sure your finances are in order.

Make your tax season easy 让您的纳税变得轻松
Our year-end financial report will provide all the information that your accountant auditor and tax advisor for them do to their part.

Affordable and Flexible Pricing for you 价格合理
We know you running a business is very risky. We will be looking after your cash flow should be the top priority of our pricing plan with your business needs & sizes.
Also, Accounting Software, we rise our accounting software, so you save software fees.

Foong Management & Accounting Services will always provide knowledgeable assistance and service-par-excellence in order to satisfy your needs. Contact us for more information.
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